Unlock a New Way to Pay for Your Favorite Subscriptions!

Use your crypto for everyday expenses seamlessly. Perfect for those without a credit card or prefer decentralized payments.

Why Subscrypt?

Everyday Crypto Use

Integrate cryptocurrency into your daily routine. From binge-watching to online shopping, pay with Ethereum effortlessly.

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No Credit Card, No Worries

Unlock premium Web2 services without the need for traditional banking. Say goodbye to credit checks and monthly bills.

Optimized Savings

Make your cryptocurrency work for you. Enjoy competitive conversion rates and minimize transaction fees.

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Subscriptions? Dive in with Subscrypt!

About subscrypt

subscrypt allows you pay for Web2 services like Netflix and Amazon Prime with ETH, expanding Ethereum's usability. Ideal for digital nomads, those earning in crypto, and individuals without credit cards.

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